Hi. I’m Željko Ziriković
also known online as joshefin.

i.tell(computers, () -> { /* what to do */ });

I love to make things. It all started in my grandfather’s workshop, where I made my toys as a kid.
I like to explore. From the wonders of the world we live in, to the boundaries of new technologies.
I enjoy learning. Everyday.

And I mostly express this through software. My language of choice is Java. Besides server-side development, I enjoy making web front ends. I designed and developed software such as a desktop application used daily by a single person, a platform used as a base for a few web enterprise projects and a social network used by hundreds of thousands.

If you want to say hello, send me an email to joshefin@joshefin.xyz or connect with me on Twitter and GitHub.

Here is how to pronounce my name: ʒeʎko zirikoʋitɕ.

Projects dear to my ❤

Revolución Movie Library

I started learning object-oriented programming and Java in 2007. In the beginning, I gave myself a task to create a program that would be useful to me, but a great challenge to make. Also, I wanted to push the boundaries of Java desktop apps and UI design. Two years and many sleepless nights later, I shared it with the world. It never reached version 1.0, but it was a great journey – I learned a lot and got many new opportunities. I also used it as a topic for my thesis on the Faculty of Computer Science.

Service Delivery Framework

The first project on my first real job. I didn’t understand half of the requirements when I first read them. Back in the day when WML was still a thing, SDF provided a way to create mobile web portals and adapt them to a wide range of mobile devices.

Push Service

It’s a platform for high volume push notification delivery. Currently, it’s being used by a few popular news portals. I was part of the small team responsible for the architecture and development. At that moment I was inspired to enroll in master studies, and I now hold a Master of Science degree in Organizational Sciences.


The first social network I was involved in. As a freelancer, I was responsible for back end design and development and web front end for administration.


Tiro is a multiplayer strategy sports game for football fans. Working as a Principal Software Architect, my role in this project was and still is to design and develop the back end and APIs.


A work in progress personal “smart home” project. The goal is to make a thing that would provide useful information about my home and the world around it. It’s also serving as a playground for experimenting with new technologies.


My piece of the online world. Here I mostly write about programming.